Introducing Travel Retail Sustainability Week

By Michael Barrett |

TRBusiness is proud to announce the launch of ‘Travel Retail Sustainability Week’, the very first virtual event for travel retail dedicated solely to sustainability.

Travel Retail Sustainability Week, which will take place during the first half of 2021, aims to bring together all stakeholders from global DF&TR to discuss and showcase the flurry of sustainable initiatives and services being implemented and proposed by industry sector companies, plus providers of external solutions and services.


More details to be announced soon on the precise event dates, partners, and the various insight sessions to take place throughout the week.

The industry’s inaugural sustainability event will address the growing consumer concern and sensitivity towards the environment, a sentiment that has gained added momentum since the start of the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.


Travel Retail Sustainability Week will feature a series of compelling, insight-driven webinars, workshops and a series of one-on-one interviews geared towards the rich tapestry of stakeholders operating across the ecosystem of travel, retail, leisure, tourism and other associated industries.

From airports, cruise and ferry operators, to airlines, retailers, brands, design companies, F&B firms and others with sustainable solutions…all are invited to share best practices, new ideas, sustainability goals and achievements.

Importantly, Travel Retail Sustainability Week will spotlight consumer insights on attitudes and behaviours on sustainable consumption.

The Knowledge and Insights programme will also enable companies to take part in one of a series of ‘pitching sessions’ where companies will be able to showcase their sustainable solutions, products or services to the global audience. The pitching sessions will be organised by sector to ensure relevance among all audiences.

Moreover, Travel Retail Sustainability Week will allow visitors to view best-in-class sustainable practices from industry leaders and pioneers. The event will feature showcases by airports, airlines, retailers, cruise/ferry companies, brands and other stakeholders through their own exhibition hubs.

Janice Hook and Nigel Hardy, Co-owners and Managing Directors of TRBusiness: “There has been a concerted drive and desire from within the industry to move forward on reducing our plastic and carbon footprint.”


Nigel Hardy and Janice Hook, Co-owners and Managing Directors of TRBusiness commented on the inaugural Travel Retail Sustainability Week: “We have been delighted with the feedback we have received from all corners of the industry on the recent TRMarketplace digital conference and networking forum, and in particular on the Travel Retail Sustainability Forum discussions.”


The event builds on TRBusiness’ own sustainability commitments as the company enters its next phase of development.

As reported, TRBusiness will produce digital-only publications for all non-tradeshow issues from January 2021.

In addition, TRBusiness has also made strides in offsetting its carbon footprint. The paper TRBusiness uses originates from responsibly managed and sustainable forests and is FSC certified, which means that anyone can trace where our paper has come from and see that new trees have been planted.

“We’ve been working on next steps for our own sustainability strategy and activities for some time now, despite the slowdown in the business due to Covid-19,” continued Hardy and Hook.




“There has been a concerted drive and desire from within the industry to move forward on reducing our plastic waste and carbon footprint. This, together with the hugely positive response to the recent TRSF meeting [which took place on Thursday 1 October], served to confirm our plans to launch Travel Retail Sustainability Week.

“We look forward to carrying on the collaboration and education we’ve been working on with numerous industry partners.

“It’s our intention that Travel Retail Sustainability Week will help us all to protect our planet, our people and hopefully drive profit for all in the process.”

To watch a recording of the Travel Retail Sustainability Forum, click below.



The Travel Retail Sustainability Week announcement follows the highly commended and applauded inaugural industry digital conference and meeting platform TRMarketplace (28 September to 2 October, with the video meeting facility extended until 9 October). This featured 20 webinar sessions, including the inaugural Travel Retail Sustainability Forum.


The TRSF session, which received record viewing figures, gathered thought leaders from across the DF&TR sector, including brands, retailers, design companies and sustainable solution providers.



The panellists unanimously called for greater collaboration among all stakeholders to work together on a level playing field.

On several occasions during the 90-minute session, speakers voiced their desires for increased data-sharing and best practices between partners – even competitors – to take the travel retail sector to the next level.

This centred on achieving the TRSF goals of reducing, even eliminating single-use plastic pollution from all aspects and areas of the business, while remaining commercially effective.


All panellists were very frank and open about the fact that the industry still has a long way to go to achieve such goals, but acknowledged that solutions are available and with greater transparency and a collaborative vision, those goals are attainable.

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