Guerlain creates buzz with Abeille Royale Honey Treatment Creams

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Abeille Royale Honey Treatment Creams

The Abeille Royale Honey Treatment Creams form a brand new anti-ageing programme.

Guerlain Paris has unveiled a duo of Abeille Royale Honey Treatment Creams, drawing on its expert knowledge of skin repair and utilising science to harness the beauty benefits of the golden nectar.

Just like the wider Abeille Royale range, the new products from the French beauty brand are born from clinical observations and inspired by the ancient treatment of honey bandages, which have been lauded through the centuries for their healing properties.

Together, says the company, the Honey Treatment Day and Night Creams form a new anti-ageing programme that creates an ideal environment for helping to reduce the visible signs of ageing by acting on collagen loss (in turn targeting wrinkles and a lack of firmness).

The performance of the skincare duo relies on the ‘Dynamic BlackBee Repair’ technology that has been exclusively created by Guerlain’s researchers.

It concentrates powerful active ingredients hand-picked from the hive: tBlack Bee honey from Ouessant Island, an exclusive royal jelly, and three other honeys from islands with unspoilt environments (Corsica in France, Ikaria in Greece and Åland in Finland).

The creams feature 94% naturally-derived ingredients and the rich formulations envelop the skin with a bandage-like effect. They are fragranced with fresh and delicately honeyed notes, composed by the House’s Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser.

Abeille Royale Honey Treatment Creams

The creams feature 94% naturally-derived ingredients.

For the first time, each of the glass jars (made from 20% up to 40% recycled glass) are refillable.

Aditionally, the volume of the boxes has been optimally adjusted to keep only the essential packaging.

The new Honey Treatment Creams are intended to be used alongside the Youth Watery Oil, Double R Renew and Repair Advanced Serum, and the Double R Eye Serum for a multi-pronged skincare ritual.

The story of Abeille Royale 

Inherited from antiquity, the use of honey bandages as a treatment has intrigued the medical profession through the ages, giving rise to modern research into the capabilities of honey to naturally mobilise collagen fibres and prompt the skin’s matrix to ‘rebuild itself’ around a wound.

It’s something that has captivated Guerlain researchers since 2010. After investigating its efficacy, and a path-altering meeting with a pioneer in honey-based healing methods, Professor Descottes, Guerlain began laying the foundations for a high-performance age-defying line formulated around honey – and that’s how Abeille Royale was born.

Abeille Royale Honey Treatment Creams

The effects of honey in skincare has captivated Guerlain researchers since 2010.

Guerlain continues to further its knowledge of the efficacy of honey in skincare thanks to its cutting-edge research platform, the Beelab.

The laboratory is structured around three hubs: the bee, bee products and their complex compositions, and skin repair – each of which enjoys global scientific visibility under the direction of a scientific expert.

According to the company, when used in skincare, honey aids optimal skin repair by acting on four key stages of epidermal healing known as T.I.M.E (encompassing removal of dead cells, soothing inflammation, locking in moisture, and epidermisation).

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